We like to list all the campaigns we are involved in on this page to offer an overview of our activities and experience. Also you can get an idea about our activities by watching the videos of one of these campaigns, which we linked behind the pictures of the respective partner group (Students/Universities, Citizens/Governments, Employees/Companies).


Partner: Europ Assistance

Where: Madrid, Badajoz and Barcelona (All sites being locaded in Spain)

Date: September 2013

Impact: We were able to finance a pregnancy health kit, which was send to Guatemala to support the project healthy pregnancy (listed below).

Partner: University Rey Juan Carlos I

Where: Madrid, Spain

Date: April 2013

Impact: DBS Screening got the option to work with high volumes and was able to offer to 10.000 students a preventive action. More then 2300 students used the chance and participated within the campaign.

Partner: Boehringer Ingelheim España S.A.

Where: Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain

Date: April/Mai 2012

Impact: Collect first experience in working within a company having the employees as beneficiaries.    

Partner: EHAS - Project: Embarazo Saludable (Healthy Pregnancy)

Where: Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Date: Since 2012 (ongoing)

Impact: Within the first 18 month we were able to offer our test to 1 thousand pregnant women.With this, we are contstantly helping to prevent unborn babies from being infected with syphilis or even HIV by the mother-to-child transmission.

Partner: Government of Brazil and BioMarc

Where: Brazil

Date: Since 2011

Impact: Within 2012 DBS technology was offered to 84.000 pregnant women in Brazil achiving the following results: 2.303 Syphilis, 333 HIV, 381 Hepatitis B, 662 Toxoplasmosis y 5.800 anemia y diabetes gestacional. Our test enables the government to support these women and their unborn babies.