Provide Preventive Actions

DBS Screening offers early diagnosis of non-communicable and infectious diseases using a new technology, which is based on a single drop of blood dried on a piece of filter paper. The method itself is not complex, because it does not require any special storage or transport conditions and offers less risk of infection by the blood. Overall the medical solution can be characterized as simple, effective, painless and efficient.  

In trying to maximize the volume, we are offering our product to global companies, Universities, NGO and Government agencies. Together we provide not just a preventive action for personnel, clients, students or the population, we are furthermore opening the door to be part of a social health movement by combining our services with a Health-Health Crowdfounding project.

Our preventive action can be flexible to meet your specific customer needs. We are not just able to provide our technology to execute the analysis of your own screening, we can also drive campaigns on targeted diseases such as stroke prevention. In these campaigns, we can develop questionnaires or take difference measured (e.g Blood pressure) and complete our dry blood analysis. In our range of possibilities our campaings focus on cardiovascular and kidney diseases as well as diabetes. We have worked with a range of disease states such as cardiovascular, kidney and diabetes diseases.

Every preventive action has to be planned based on your needs through the following steps, which are explained in more details using the links behind: