DBS-Screening Collect

One part of the collection is represented by the collection kit itself. It includes as a minimum all needed equipment to execute a collection and inform about the preventive action. The kit itself can be enriched based on your needs and could include the following items:

    • Information leaflet
    • Lancet
    • Filter paper for the blood drop
    • Advertisement
    • Instruction for blood taking
    • Additional questionnaire for data collection (e.g. age, weight, habits)
    • Envelope for sending the sample
    • Crowdfunding information to explain the social projects we support


All further services of the collection are focused on the sample drawing itself. Based on your choice we explain how a test can be executed correctly without any help or we can bring in our experienced professionals and support to organize collection events with nurses executing the sample drawing. Also the part of the Health-Health Crowdfunding activity is aligned to your conception and can be designed fitting to your needs.

 Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your ideas and needs.