The key of being able to act is having the information about your own health status- or from a different perspective - of a group! 

Depending on your request and the corresponding slogan of your personalized campaign, will the results be explained by using the elected medical parameters (e.g. creatine, colosterol, etc.), which are shown in relation to the standard value ranges or by risk factors reagarding a disease (e.g. cardiovascolar disease). The communication of the results is possible in one or all of the following options:


Personal Report: Every person, who was tested, receives their personal results directly from DBS Screening via email.

Summarized Report: The customer receives all test results and takes over the communication of the personal results. For example, this scenario may be  appropriate when the customer has a health care station, which is allowed to have the data and would be able to act based on the results by offering further reasonable preventive actions.

Summarized Statistic: The statistic is giving a high level benchmarking report on the tested amount of people showing the relation of the requested datas and the test results.