Our Objective: Democratization of prevention!

DBS Screening has the vision to provide simple blood analysis to enable prevention for non-communicable and infectious diseases to everyone worldwide. The first comprehensible need is represented by developing countries. A significant amount of the population does not have access to the health care options nor can afford basic health care.

When researching into impact of lack of prevention and the causes of deaths worldwide can change people’s perspective! Every year about 56 million people die around the world! 35 million of these are due to non-communicable diseases and half of the non-communicable deaths occur from cardiovascular or heart diseases. When looking at it in more detail, you find that an astonishing amount of deaths are from treatable diseases: 7.1 millions death are related to high blood pressure, 4.4 million to high levels of cholesterol and 2.6 million deaths occur due to obesity. Followed by 1 million of people's death being related to diabetes!¹ When looking at the infectious diseases, you also identify the field of mother-to-child transmission: Globally, it is estimated that more than 1 thousand babies are born with HIV every day, which could be prevented.²

The solution for us is realized in DBS Screening as a social business! Our Mission is to raise the awareness of the importance of prevention in developed countries. We focus on screening these seemingly healthy people regarding silent killers and give the possibility to act before a disease becomes cronical or deadly.  Combining this with a fundraising project enables everyone to contribute economically in the prevention of another person that is less fortunate: This is a Health-Health Crowdfunding.


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